Yves - agar

Jacques Marie Mage's Yves eyeglasses are named after the famous French designer, Yves Saint Laurent, a French fashion designer. The Yves frame is inspired by the iconic worn frames worn by Monsieur Saint Laurent during the seventies at the height of his career

Jacques Marie Mage's Yves Agar have a classic rectangular frame with a soft lens shape, dark gold signature arrowhead front pin, exposed outer temple decoration, dark gold tension-secured custom hinge with spur-shaped rivets, and dark gold domed 3D metal cameo logo.

Limited production batch of 450 pieces.

Handmade in Japan
- Color: tortoise
- Material: 10mm block acetate frame, custom double laminated temples with precious metal hardware
- Lens: demo
- Size: eye 56mm / bridge 19mm / temple 149mm