Prudhon - rover

Observe the romance and tragedy of daily life through well-balanced spectacles that reflect the thunderous talents of the influential French painter Pierre-Paul Prud'hon known best for his expressive allegorical paintings that capture the intensity darkness and light.

Jacques Marie Mage Prudhon Rover eyeglasses has a soft well-balanced rectangular lens shape with class and character, dark gold signature arrowhead front pin, gold custom hairline engraved wire core design, gold tension-secured custom hinge with spur-shaped rivets, burgundy domed 3D metal cameo logo.

Limited production batch of 350 pieces

Handcrafted in Japan
- Color: bottle green
- Material: 10mm cellulose acetate frame, custom double laminated acetate temples
- Lens: Demo
- Size: eye 48mm / bridge 23mm / temple 145mm