Last frontier iii rawlins - noir


Open your eyes to the untamed spirit of the West, an old world majesty that traverses pristine plains and ascends to rocky peaks, beckoning you to address nature's unforgiving and exquisite grace, to experience the wild's procreative pace, to live within Eden without leaving a trace.

Last Frontier III Rawlins Noir has a classic yet daring shape with bold volumes and bevel cuts, composed of premium acetate and sterling silver, jewelry-like embellishments ft. silver arrowhead front pin details. Silver decoration embedded with real Kingman Turquoise, Chimayo textile-inspired filigree engraved wire core design, silver tension-secured custom hinge ft. silver; brass arrow. Burgundy domed 3D metal cameo logo.

Handcrafted in Japan

- Color: black
- Material: 10mm cellulose acetate frame, custom double laminated acetate temples ft. intricate sterling silver and brass decorations
- Lens: demo lens
- Size: eye 49mm / bridge 23mm / temple 146mm