Last frontier iii - dayton - rover


Hitching your proverbial horse to these classic Wellington-shaped glasses, you find yourself walking along the old railway ties among wilderness that s regained its foothold and returned the barren hills to their wild dominion. Pull up a seat somewhere along Main St. and enjoy the setting romance of the western frontier.

Last Frontier III Dayton Rover eyeglasses features a 60s-inspired Wellington lens shape with distinctive beveling, classic Last Frontier adornments: silver arrowhead with brass at temple, silver and dark gold thunderbird emblem ft. real turquoise, Chimayo textile-inspired filigree engraved wire core design, silver and dark gold tension-secured custom hinge ft. silver and dark gold, brass arrow, burgundy Domed 3d metal cameo logo.

Limited production batch of 150 piece

Handcrafted in Japan

- Color: bottle green

- Material: 10mm cellulose acetate frame, custom double laminated acetate temples ft. sterling silver, turquoise decoration

- Lens: demo

- Size: eye 53mm / bridge 20mm / temple 147mm