Ichikawa - dark havana

Achieve visual distinction with striking spectacles that expand your sartorial vocabulary. Inspired by the actual glasses worn by Japanese film director Kon Ichikawa (? ? ?) whose cinematic ingenuity was influenced by an array of individuals, from Walt Disney to Jean Renoir.

Jacques Marie Mage Ichikawa Dark Havana has a modern trapeze shape with energetic mid-century look and feel. Dark gold signature arrowhead front pin, dark gold custom hairline engraved wire core design, dark gold tension-secured custom hinge with spur-shaped rivets. Burgundy domed 3D metal cameo logo, 100% UV protection

Handmade in Japan
- Color: Dark Havana (black)
- Material: 10mm clear black acetate frame ft. dark gold hardware
- Lens: Demo
- Size: eye 49mm / bridge 21mm / temple 146mm