Delta lei - snow pink / vzum™ ml cielo


Alba Optics' sunglasses DELTA LEI SNW PNK are adapted to the shapes and sizes of a smaller facial structure. They feature internal ventilation, visual coverage, eye protection, interchangeable VZUM™ lens, light Tr90 (26g) frame, and ergonomic temples. Compatible with Alba Optics' Optical Clip. Comes with: a reflective black leash, a microfiber pouch, and cloth.

Lens: blue VZUM™ ML CIELO
Suitable for: bright sunlight. Ideal on sunny days, offering color contrast enhancer and maximum blue light protection. Increases the contrast by 7%. Mirror coating.


Check Lens specs and simulation here


Handmade in Italy
- Color: transparent pink
- Material: Tr90
- Lens: blue
 -Size: eye: 142mm / bridge: 32mm / temple: 120mm


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